Equity Healthcare

Equity Healthcare (EH) is the healthcare management division within Blackstone Portfolio Operations

Blackstone is providing solutions to enable healthier healthcare across our portfolio.

We are achieving this through a focus on four key areas.


Collaborate, Innovate, and Leverage Scale

  • Cross-portfolio peer collaboration and best-practice sharing
  • Expert advisors
  • Innovations and tailored Blackstone-EH-only benefits and solutions


More Affordable, Better Controlled

  • Volume Discounts
  • Manage demand via optimized plan designs
  • Manage supply via the Blackstone-EH custom clinical platform
  • Control pharmacy spend via market-leading Rx deal


Medical Benefits = Source of Gratitude

  • Advanced concierge health navigation model
  • Simplified healthcare experience
  • Shift focus from insurance to health


Mind, Money, and Access

  • Integrated behavioral health
  • Equitable share of costs / fairness for the lowest wage worker
  • Access (virtual care, advanced primary care models)

EH Performance


in cumulative savings


covered lives


Net Promoter Score (NPS),

≈3x higher versus the industry average score of 27 for health plans

Our People

The Equity Healthcare team has extensive experience in managing health costs.
The EH Leadership team has a well-known track record of innovation.

Angela Whaley

Vice President of Health Informatics, Equity Healthcare / Vice President, Blackstone

Bree Woodley

Administrative Assistant, Equity Healthcare / Administrative Assistant, Blackstone

“Innovation is key to providing quality, affordable healthcare. Our important work through Equity Healthcare demonstrates that the private sector is playing a major role in developing market-based solutions to both improve the quality of healthcare and contain its costs.”


Chairman, ceo, and co-founder of blackstone