Our Model

Our year-over-year track record shows strong results, with projected 3-year cumulative savings of $165 million and double-digit improvement in the overall health status of participating employees.


EH-dedicated clinical care centers of excellence at Aetna and UnitedHealthcare service Equity Healthcare clients only and with the Equity Healthcare clinical team, provide extensive oversight of our unique population health model.


In addition to medical ASO fees, Equity Healthcare has negotiated best-in-class pricing with market-leading suppliers for data management, price transparency, biometrics, pharmacy benefit management, audit and ACA compliance services.


A yearly plan is developed for every EH Member Company focused on its unique medical trend drivers. A dashboard is developed and its execution reviewed with the supplier(s) and EH Member Company on an ongoing basis.

and Autonomy

EH Member Companies stay in charge. They continue to design their own benefits with the brokers/consultants of their choice.


EH Member Companies get new products and services from our vendor partners sooner than other mid-market companies.

Long-term Gain

Portfolio companies can remain in Equity Healthcare even after private equity divestiture.

Core Services

  • Customized Care Model

    Equity Healthcare has partnered with Aetna and UnitedHealthcare to build dedicated custom care centers, staffed with Equity Healthcare–dedicated nurses and interdisciplinary clinicians, including medical directors, pharmacists, social workers, wellness coaches, and mental health professionals. Staffing ratios at Equity Healthcare centers exceed those of traditional off-the-shelf centers by several times.

  • Individualized Work Plan

    An annual work plan, based on each company’s unique claims experience, benefit design and healthcare programs, is developed by Equity Healthcare and executed by the customized care center. Quarterly reports show progress and an annual report, tailored to the company’s C-suite summarizes the performance and provides recommendations for enhancements to benefit designs, communications, and other programs to optimally lower costs.

  • Supplier and clinical oversight

    Equity Healthcare’s Chief Clinical Officer oversees the performance of the care centers through company-specific six sigma dashboards based on the annual individualized work plans. Two calls are conducted annually with each EH Member Company and clinical care center leadership to address any variance to the plan and to look for additional opportunities. EH Member Company-specific case reviews of high-cost claimants are conducted on an ongoing basis, as well as active participation in monthly care center Grand Rounds. The Chief Clinical Officer also conducts a yearly audit of each care center.

  • Webinar, Networking and Problem Solving

    Multiple webinars based on employer interest or EH innovations are conducted annually. In addition, the EH website (a secure virtual network) allows companies to access EH benchmarking data and a wealth of resources related to health care, innovations and Equity Healthcare. 

  • Annual Employer Summit

    Each year, Equity Healthcare hosts a free conference for its Member Companies focused on the latest trends and issues in healthcare. The Summit is an excellent opportunity for networking, and facilitates best practice sharing and strategic discussion.

Optional Value-Added Services

  • Pharmacy Management

    Equity Healthcare has a preferred pharmacy benefit management program with CVS Health through CoreTrust. Through this partnership, EH Member Companies can access an integrated model which provides value through leveraged pricing, data exchanges, and supplier oversight.

  • Biometrics

    Onsite screenings and other services are offered to all EH Member Companies at deeply discounted rates. The data is incorporated into our data warehouse and used to help manage employee risk.

  • Stop Loss Insurance

    Equity Healthcare completed a Request for Proposal (RFP) in 2013 and selected two preferred aggregators of Stop Loss. Our Member Companies get best-in-market rates and terms as our enhanced clinical management of high-cost cases helps the re-insurers lower their risk.

  • Price Transparency

    Equity Healthcare completed an RFP for Price Transparency in 2013. EH contracted at deep discounts with two market leaders that provide concierge and cloud-based healthcare decision support.

  • Wellness

    Equity Healthcare completed an RFP for a preferred wellness product and services in 2014. Any EH Member Company can access the preferred arrangement at a very deep discount with a best-in-class supplier.

  • Private Self-Insured Exchange

    Equity Healthcare completed an RFP in 2014 and selected Liazon as its preferred Exchange vendor. The Equity Healthcare Exchange (EHEx) is a self-insured exchange product which leverages the custom EH-dedicated clinical centers at Aetna and UnitedHealthcare.

  • Audits

    Equity Healthcare completed an RFP for medical claims and dependent eligibility audit services in 2015, and selected Consova as its preferred dependent eligibility audit partner, and Truven as its preferred medical claims audit partner

  • ACA Compliance and Reporting

    UnifyHR was selected as the Equity Healthcare preferred ACA Compliance and Reporting partner in 2015 after a thorough market RFP. UnifyHR offers a superior product at a deeply discounted price to Equity Healthcare Member Companies.